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From the Tablecloth at Bravo

Dec. 27th, 2005 | 11:55 am

(they are having dinner)

She: You know what you'd really look good in?
She: Armani!
He: (simultaneously) You?

Seven Reasons Why We Are Like an Armani Suit
We are too costly, too dear
for use, for day to day
and once the payment's made
there's infinite alteration (for a fee)
but no exchange, no real
relationship with those around, sniffing
in their own Armani, saying,
How good How sharp How *you*
How we simply must, or is it we
who say we must but hear it from their mouths?
The fit is true. To wear it makes us proud.
It makes everything else look good, or else
much dimmer by comparison.
And next season it will still be here,
and the season after, month following month,
fashion following fashion, until we look
one day surprised to have it still.

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