February 9th, 2013


Why I Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Correct The Internet

Facebook Status posted by a longtime acquaintance:

Top 5 lies women use to avoid seeming superficial;
5- we're such good friends, I'd hate to ruin it by dating!
4- I never knew you liked me that way
3- I dont have time to date anyone*
2- im not ready to date anyone*
1- I don't deserve a guy like you, I'd only hurt you

*- only bs because a week or 2 later, they are dating someone

Special shout out to, "... im a lesbian!"

I comment:
I'd call these, in the right circumstances, Top Five Reasons Women Give to Avoid Hurting Men They Care For But Are Not Sexually Attracted To.

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I know--I KNOW--that this guy is a lovely person who has a lot of marks against him in the dating game, and is probably pretty frustrated. Clearly, I am a little overtired...