March 13th, 2013


25 Things

1) The day the barista remembers my order
2) That it's morning in Mumbai and my friends people I met once at a wedding (and want to know better) chat me at 1AM
3) Grumpy Cat
4) Bougainvillea
5) Reading half a website before realizing it's in Dutch--because I've been studying Afrikaans
6) mzrowan's Somerville photos
7) Fried egg sandwiches
8) Talking about writing with kathrynrose and learning why a good story is like trance induction
9) My mother patting my cheek
10) Ikea's new crazy dresser
11) Only 180 pages to go!
12) Heavy blankets
13) Reading a wonderful essay and discovering it's by a writer I've never read and always been a little leery of, due to her huge literary reputation.
14) Going back to South Africa
15) Shout-outs
16) The light in Dutch Old Masters, and the way they use windows and doorways to show off their ability to paint perspective.
17) Stopping when it's time to go to bed, even when the job's not done.