May 12th, 2013


Sunday Check-In! Goals! Many!

Hey new friends I’m acquiring through Idol! I’m participating in a goal-setting group, and this is my weekly check-in. Feel free to skim/skip :)

Here’s what’s exciting to me about this week: I spent a lot of time assessing. Probably more time assessing than actually working on the goals. But through that, I found some incredible resources to move forward with.

Key moment: realizing I’ve gotta do this “learning to write and produce radio” like it’s school. The boyfriend has been out of town for a week, so I’ve listened to podcasts a couple hours a day, mostly while doing dishes or exercising or getting ready in the morning. Fifteen minutes here and there really adds up! And I’m hearing things like “We found this story at the Third Coast Audio Festival” and then I Google the festival and WHAM! OMIGOD A WHOLE PAGE OF PODCASTS ON HOW TO PITCH STORIES, or there’s a passing reference to the intern working with the hosts and suddenly I’m all DUDE I COULD APPLY TO THAT and when I look it up I follow a torturous trail to OMIGOD A WHOLE MANUAL ABOUT PRODUCING RADIO AND EDITING STORIES AND IT’S A $2 EBOOK I CAN HAVE NOW.

So I’m reading and listening to a lot more specifics about producing and creating stories for radio, and setting myself exercises like “analyze the structure of three stories on this podcast you like. Now take three of your potential stories and write them out using that structure.”

It is so exciting.
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Overall, I’m pretty happy with my progress. This has been a groundwork week rather than a week of giant progress, but I do think I’ve taken some major steps on the relationship and radio fronts.