July 8th, 2013


How Many?

How many days in a row do you feel sad for no reason before you have to have a reason or else you're--shhhh--depressed?

How many questions do you ask yourself about what issues might be really bothering you before deciding that no, there isn't actually a reason?

How many hours do you work with a happy-face on until you just get over it?

How many times do you say, well, maybe I'm just scared about rejection and so not-finishing or self-sabotaging is easier, it's not like there's anything wrong?

How many irrational-anger moments do you get to write off as probably PMS?

How many things checked off on the list count as today was fine, you did a lot, stop whining?

What's the ratio of days-that-were-fine to hours-that-weren't that says, jesus, dumbass, do something about this already?

What's the ratio of batshit-crazy artists to perfectly-sane artists, and who made the best work?

That's what counts.

Start writing. Keep writing. Eventually you'll write to the answer. (Check that shit out.)

Write enough words and it just won't matter.

Good work is worth the price.