January 12th, 2015

A little update

It was a truly lovely holiday, spent mostly in Sri Lanka (which is a little like India Lite - cleaner, less-crowded, less poverty, less color and more expensive). There was beach time and city time and honest-to-god-no-wifi-or-electric, swimming-in-a-waterfull, rainforest time.

I set some writing goals for the year.

I'm going back (in three weeks!) to a residency that was very helpful last year in terms of finishing work and focusing.

I've made some resolutions about writing - finishing my YA novel, finishing and submitting some personal essays. making some podcasts - and sent off what is hopefully the last draft of my memoir to my agent. Now I'm going to banish it from my mind until I hear it's sold (or hasn't).

I'm learning how to plan my time as an editor, and to say, "what's your time frame?" to new clients instead of assuming it's immediately necessary to cram their project into my calendar (I'm booked through the beginning of April which is humbling and astonishing). I've learned I really can't edit more than 5 hours a day. And after five editorial letters/annotated manuscripts sent off with the feeling, "uh-oh, they're going to hate this and want their money back...", I've learned that people really DO want to hear it straight. And are grateful that I'll tell them in plain language what their friends are too kind to say or not qualified to spot. (Sample comment: NO! NO! NO MORE CHARACTERS REFERRED TO AS 'THE MAN' OR 'THE WOMAN'! I AM GOING TO BRING THE TURKISH ICE CREAM MAN TO YOUR HOUSE AND EVERY TIME YOU WRITE 'THE MAN' HE WILL RING HIS LITTLE BELL AND THROW ICE CREAM AT YOU! NEXT TIME YOU WANT TO WRITE 'THE MAN', STOP! HEAR THE LITTLE BELL RING! AND DON'T!) (I did explain in the editorial letter just why that wasn't working and what the writer might do instead.)

I had a beautiful birthday at a Sri Lankan restaurant that combined fancy-shmancy food with amazing service and a relaxed vibe. A guitar player serenaded us, the waiters brought us a million little in-between-courses things, and my guy proposed.

(I said yes)

I don't know where we'll marry yet, and where dictates when - his parents are in Jamaica, my mom in Florida, our friends in the UK and scattered across America. Maybe we'll try to have a party, or maybe just get married on a beach somewhere and send pictures. The only thing I'm sure on is there will be no big fluffy white wear-it-once overpriced gown.

I'm still blogging here, and I also regularly post travel pics with short 'postcard' stories on Instagram (GuerillaMemoir).

Love you Livejournal, LJ Idol, and friends. Love you.

Thanks :)