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Yay Choreography

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Nov. 12th, 2007 | 02:13 am

 So we finally secured a private lesson with Carrie, who had originally said, no, you need a higher-level teacher, but we couldn't get said silks guru to return our calls!  Carrie was AWESOME. Kim learned a lovely new rotating drop that's a lot like Windmill/Helicopter but from a different wrap and you don't have to hold on. I worked the finer points of my new choreography - stuff like hey, where should my arms go here? And is this better pointed or flexed? And what's the theatrical moment happening over here?

Today it was also nice and quiet in the gym - the teeterboarders are on day off and the flying trap crowd was done when we got there. So we are spent but happy.

Tomorrow - more Chinese coaching with Lu Yi - three person acro and some sad head shaking are in our future. Wonder if that will make it into a fortune cookie?

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