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Jul. 25th, 2005 | 04:31 pm
mood: draineddrained

So this morning we buried the cat's ashes under a white-blossoming tree. I've been under a great malaise since I came home - perhaps it will lift soon?

Cooking tonight - roast beef, green beans, corn.

Books - working my way through Sue Grafton again. I just finished B. HP6 two days ago. I think she wrote herself into a corner, and hey, what happened to the red herring about test questions in the beginning?

Bed - one.

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from: mzrowan
date: Jul. 26th, 2005 02:06 am (UTC)

Hey you! Welcome to the cult of LJ!!!

You can get all the details on TOKink 2006 here:

By the way, I just "friended" you and added you to a filter I've been using over the last few months to post my more intimate (read: morose) thoughts.

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