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Happy New Year!

I love resolutions. And every year I get a little bit better about carrying them out. I’m also doing a goal-setting process with kathrynrose and gang this year, which I’ll post more about soon. For me, the difference between “goals” and “resolutions” is that goals are specific targets I’d like to achieve (publish a book, increase my number of pull-ups) and resolutions are more like activities, or ways of getting to my goals. Yes, they still overlap.

Resolutions 2013 (dum-da-dah!)

1) Allow enough time to get places early. I cured a lot of my lateness issues last year, and in the process discovered that I actually enjoy being not just on time, but early. It gives me a minute to check my appearance and/or email, read a few pages of whatever book I’m carrying or do a bit of a crossword puzzle, or update my list. Plus it’s way courteous and keeps me less stressed.

2) Write first. Before email, before checking Facebook, before doing the washing-up. It’s going to be acceptable to brush my teeth, wash my face, put in contact lenses and put on clothes, but other than that, write first. Even if it’s only a little bit. I’m curious whether it’s going to be better to get up half an hour earlier on very early days when I have them, or to schedule a writing appointment with myself later that day (and keep it!). Can it feel like a real deadline that has to be done when it’s only me? I think I’ll try it both ways and see what happens. (I wrote last night just after midnight, to start the year off right, and wrote again this morning--it feels good.)

3) Eat healthier and exercise every day. I’m not terrible in either of these areas, but I’m noticing that as I get older, it’s harder to lose weight and easier to gain it, and my flexibility and strength diminish very quickly if I’m not working on it every day. It doesn’t have to be huge, and I’m calling it a win if I do 10 minutes a day of exercise (and again, the key may be to do it first) and if I don’t eat more than one dessert a day (love those sweets). Gotta take an example from my friend Kim, who is about the healthiest and fittest person I know, and carry fruit all the time.

Speaking of Kim, she keeps a very interesting, still-new blog over at Rainy Day Project. Her concept is very cool—after realizing that she makes lots of lists of goals and projects and doesn’t follow through on very many, she’s now tackling one thing a month and blogging about it. So far she’s done “Stretch every day” (and it’s sobering to see a circus performer, who is by ‘normal’ standards extremely flexible, realizing how much more she can achieve in only an hour a day), “Eat healthy on the road,” “Learn Japanese” and “Document travels more.”  She’s got some good things to say about breaking down goals into manageable sizes, too. Narrowing focus can be a huge gift—do fewer things, and accomplish more in each project.

Three resolutions is enough. I have goals, I have objectives, I have tasks, I have a list app that keeps me sane and keeping track. I’m going to borrow from Kim and add to my monthly reminders, “What’s this month about?”

January is about writing first.

What is this month about for you?

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