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Sunday Check-In! Boo-yah!

It’s time for the weekly check-in! Thanks again to kathrynrose for setting up this awesome program.

GOAL: Stronger and thinner – weight 150-152.5, 10 pullups without stopping and 20 pushups without stopping.

Weight: 155, down two pounds
Pull-ups: Still on two sets of 4
Push-ups: Still working on deeper arm bends and looking forward, but I’m doing 20-25
10 minutes daily exercise: WIN! This week I did it every day. I’m doing it pre-shower and while watching The Daily Show or listening to a radio program I want to write for. And it’s amazing how much better it makes me feel to launch into the day after even 10 minutes of exercise.

2 of 3 meals a day are healthy: Yes! And I’m almost completely off dairy.
Less sugar in coffee/less coffee: I am down to three small-but-heaping spoonfuls and being conscious about it.

The Hey You Dumbass Discovery Of The Week—If I stir the coffee a lot more, the sugar goes farther and I don’t drink a quarter-inch of sugary soy milk at the bottom.

GOAL: Speak Afrikaans well enough to understand dinner table conversation, even if I have to respond in English.
I’m carrying my workbooks all the time, and I had a fun week translating gossip column articles! My teacher and I noticed that speaking spontaneously is the hardest part right now, so she quizzed me on my translation and I responded, all in Afrikaans:

Heidi: What has Pippa Middleton written?
Me: An article giving party tips for parents throwing a toddler’s birthday party.
Heidi: And what does Pippa recommend?
Me: That you decorate the room with balloons.
Heidi: Why is that?
Me: Because babies love balloons.

Apparently, the article—which I took to be a snarky piece—was 100% serious in their admiration for Pippa and her party tips.

I am now starting a translation of an article about a 51-year-old woman who is getting Twilight-themed tattoos all over her body. Scholarliness knows NO BOUNDS over here at Die Huis Van Whipchick.

GOAL: Increase writing income by 25% each year for the next three years

1000 words/day, 5 days out of 7: YES, and it’s more like 2500 words.

I’m doing a lot better at working through the I-don’t-wanna days. Having the awesomest writing buddy ever helps a lot (yay kathrynrose!) and I like my coffee shop.

Discovery this week is that I need to be doing two sessions a day on my major project, not one. I’m also getting better at thinking ahead to what else I want to be working on this summer and mentally preparing calendar space for it.

I’m also targeting my radio listening to shows I’d like to apply to as an intern. I’m looking at literary magazines with an eye to building a publication record for teaching, as well as for paid writing.

Daily Living
GOAL: Build a garden apartment behind my house.
I’m encountering some zoning and finance issues. My big step this week was waiting until after my ex-husband’s major production went up (to three standing ovations, so proud!) and calling him to say I needed to talk through his move-in and I needed him to hear me and not be busy protecting his own need to move back in. We’ll talk Wednesday about the best way to handle things.

Right now I’m leaning towards re-stating this goal. I think I want to boot the roommates who are least financially beneficial, let the ex move in, and spend less money by remodeling the kitchen instead, and redecorating a bit.

Committing to this goal full-on has let me really examine what I want. I think what I want is a calm, pleasant house to come home to, that is clean and orderly and not full of people.

GOAL: Be in a better financial position

Pay off car by June 2014: On track.
Get my third roommate up to date on his rent by sending weekly texts to remind him: On track.
Understand my IRA by calling the company and asking questions: Not yet.
Take advantage of drwex’s offer to chat about financial planning: Conversation has started!

It was useful just to think about what I want in my life in order to present a picture of my financial standing to another person.

GOAL: Happy relationship with good communication
I’m now emailing and calling on a less-regular but more-spontaneous schedule, after putting it on the list made the habit. And he emailed back four emails yesterday, one with a picture, and helped me with Afrikaans prepositions in a way that made me laugh and feel loved.

OVERALL: Using a time-tracking program has made me realize how often I sit down to do something that’s either personal time or a particular job, and I get interrupted by something else. I’d like to limit checking my email to maybe 5 times a day, and turn off my phone when I’m having a productive spell.

I’m feeling good this week, and being able to reach out for help, especially with writing, has helped a lot. It’s hard to battle the shame and guilt of feeling like I have the privilege of time and space and am wasting it, and I truly appreciate that I have help getting my butt in gear.

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