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Writer Camp

I am in a dorm room on a small Ohio campus with beautiful Gothic architecture. I am spending the next week at a writing workshop - class every day starting tomorrow, 8:30-noon, lunch, free time (I hear there will be homework - the focus of the retreat is generating new work), and evening readings.

I realize I have not mentioned this at all--partly because I don't write a lot of purely personal journal here, but also because it has been a Big Week.

In short--last weekend I ran this:


 - my first busker festival as Artistic Director and not as a performer. It went great. Also, you can tell which performer the cameraman has a big crush on :)

Then I flew to Las Vegas and helped with a big move, which went pretty well until THE FUCKING CONDO COMPLEX TOWED OUR GODDAMN RENTED TRUCK. I mean, this is not an apartment full of tenants, this is a condo full of owners. I cannot imagine anyone being pro-towing-of-moving-trucks-full-of-belongings, WITH a note on the dash with our unit number. No knock on the door, no call, no warning. It cost SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS to get it back, on top of it taking five hours to drive across town, wait for the truck, and get it back. (We beat the tow truck to the impound yard). My only theory is that the condo manager who refused to meet with us has a payoff deal with the towing company. Why else would a security company hired by owners tow an owner's vehicle?

So I flew back to Detroit on the redeye and drove directly to writing camp, enjoying the backwoods (backfields?) route through rural Ohio. I stopped at a farmers' market. I looked at barns with an eye to maybe one day buying and converting a barn into a house (note to self: must live somewhere more liberal than rural Ohio). I set up my dorm room (first step - move the furniture!), had a nap, had group dinner and explored the campus a bit.

I am insanely tired, which is good, as I stayed on Eastern time in Vegas, which meant waking up between 3 and 6, as I'd like to be getting up at 6 here to exercise and eat breakfast without rushing, before going to class. Also, I am not super happy with my body right now, and have parked my car in the visitor lot and will be walking everywhere this week. Thank goodness they put me on the third floor in a no-elevator building.

Tomorrow is class. I am not sure whether I want to be best in class for the sake of my ego or not best in class for the sake of learning more. Either way, I'm hoping for an ass-kicking. After getting an MFA in 2005 and not doing a lot with it, I've been teaching myself/practicing-writing-in-a-focused-way for about eighteen months now, and it's time to up my game.

So that's what's up.
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