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Developmental Editing Webinar

Hey friends - I've been away for awhile, mostly blogging at the Brevity lit mag site, and writing a couple of books.

- If you're still in the Despair stage post-election, you might like this blog post in particular: Chop Wood, Carry Water.
Inspired by kathrynrose and about how to move on in our creative work in the face of the unthinkable.

- December 3-4 I’ll be teaching a webinar on Developmental Editing - it’s aimed at editors, but it’s basically the exact same advice I give writers navigating the structure, plot, and story of their book. You might enjoy it, and the price is listed in Canadian dollars, so if you are American that’s a 25% discount in the exchange rate!  Find out more and/or sign up.

Do note that the webinar will stay online, so if the live stream is not a good time for you, you can watch it at your convenience. And please feel free to share that link far and wide :)

Other than that, I'm living happily in Dubai, loving my husband, and writing full-time, which has been pretty fun. Ironically enough, I am doing my best work in a co-working space--showing up every day at an office, sitting at a desk, wearing big-girl clothes. So much for my wild free spirit. It'll have to content itself with the amount of work getting done.

How are you?
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