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Long Time No See

What have I been up to?

You may have seen my FB pics of Macbeth (manspreading like a champ!) and I have been nominated for an award. It’s an online vote - if you have a moment, would you click through and take the survey? It will make you vote in each category - feel free to click on Macbeth as many times as we are listed, or just select what sounds good to you :) It’ll take about 90 seconds, and it asks for your name to count the vote.

If you have time:


And feel free to pass this along:

Deadline to vote is WEDNESDAY. I worked pretty hard on this one, both acting and fight directing, and it’s so cool to be recognized - Thank you!

Blood bags! - the production was immersive and the audience followed us around. This was our Dubai venue, a lot of which was outside. The show opened with a fashion show (witches as models) of abayas, and our closing fight happened on the catwalk. This is the random kill right before the big Macduff-Macbeth fight. In the play, it's Young Seward, in our modern version, she's a hapless intern at Scotland Corp.

Macduff strangling me with my own belt. At the National Theatre of Abu Dhabi, the show moved through the galleries and the main theatre. The audience is behind us, on stage. After this, I'm killed, and then the audience gathers to snap selfies with my body. Every. Time.

I really worked on my manspreading! That's "Duncan King" our CEO in the green scarf, Lady Macbeth with the choker, and Banquo on the right.
Macbeth Ajman Elevator
In Ajman (another of the United Arab Emirates) I made some audience members join me in the elevator for a very disconcerting ride. That's a witch with the beehive hair!
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